OBIGE TECHNOLOGIES an Accra based ; fast growing software development company whose area of attention is to create  award-winning Educational software’s like School management solutions , interactive learning books ,reading systems and educational gaming that are age-appropriate.

It is a wholly owned Ghanaian Information Technology company that believes in the designing, building and maintenance of creative learning tools, techniques and platforms powered by technology. We believe in the potency of technology when it comes to revolutionizing the knowledge economy.

We look at individuals being able to extend the frontiers of knowledge through the interface between learning and having fun simultaneously. Over the last few years, being an emerging Educational software company and STEM development hub within the country (GHANA) we have developed self-learning tools like the Ms. Obige  iReader , Mr.OBIGE Learning flash drives , published interactive learning books and also a STEM club that is helping kids to catch up with Robotics and Coding technology .

Having  already proven our  capability of project execution with more than 100% client satisfaction, our products combine robust technology, curriculum and popular characters to create engaging experiences that make play and learning even more fun. Some of our products connect to the Internet for enhanced learning with additional interactive experiences. Those connections also empower parents with personalized insights and recommendations, helping them see and share in their child’s learning progress through our groundbreaking OBiGE ilearn Learning Path.

To lead in African education innovation and to aid every child achieve their potential through our learning systems and being a brand that is trusted by parents, valued by teachers and loved by children.
To establish an unequalled educational legacy through ground breaking technology in Africa.
Core values
Commitment | Efficiency | Innovation | Creativity | Positivity | Educational Optimism | Perseverance | Service
What We Offer
Interactive Educational Tools
We provide software and services that empower schools, colleges and universities to simplify processes, drive institutional efficiency and improve learner outcomes.
If you like your kids to learn a thing or two during their time in front of the TV, then be sure to check out our Online educational TV.
Explore online courses,Discuss problem with tutors and solve B.E.C.E Past Questions from 1990 to Date.
We are committed to helping students change more effectively

We are a team of dynamic individuals with a passion for change management and depth in their respective areas of expertise.

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